Rats also dream

Rats also dream

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Scientists find that they dream about places they want to visit and of course food

According to research from University College London, when mice cannot access their food, mice dream of it as soon as they nail their eyes. "It's like looking at pictures of Greece the day before you take a vacation - that night you can dream about the pictures," says study author Hugo Spiers.

To reach this conclusion, researchers placed four rats at the bottom of a T-shaped cage - there, the animals could see food but could not reach it. Then they were encouraged to sleep while their brain activity was recorded by 50 electrodes.

When they were placed back in the cage, they ran straight for the previously locked "T" arm, which, combined with the electrode data, suggests that they devised a strategy while sleeping.

And a strange addendum - scientists have already managed to alter the dreams of mice (remember "Inception - the Origin?"). To do so, they stimulated a part of the rat brain to look for a certain part of the maze when they were awake, even if the stretch offered no appeal. Fear.