Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide

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Do you know what those bubbles that appear in soft drinks are made of? Of carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide is also the bubbles that come off in effervescent tablets.

Carbon dioxide makes up only 0.03% of air. It appears in the atmosphere as a result of the breathing of living beings and combustion. It is from carbon dioxide and water that plants produce sugars in the process of photosynthesis.

From sugars, plants produce other substances - such as proteins and fats - that make up their bodies and which will also participate in the formation of animals' bodies.

Now look at the picture of how carbon circulates through nature: breath, a decomposition (which is respiration by bacteria and fungi) and combustion release carbon dioxide into the environment. This carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by plants during photosynthesis.

Like other gases, carbon dioxide can pass into liquid or solid state if we lower its temperature sufficiently (to almost minus 80 ° C). Solid carbon dioxide is known as dry ice and is used in refrigeration of various foods.


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